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For while you get storylines like what we got from Girls United, this was paired with the type of drama which occasionally eclipse the message and the strength of individual character., the fear is that we may get more of the same.

Yes, we got a Black Lives Matter storyline, but with Callie hiding from Malika she is on the case, who knows how they may handle that. Considering Callie revealed to Marianna that she slept with Gael and didn’t keep that a secret, nor having sex with him twice, there is hope.

Well, considering their ages at the time, teenagers.

Then, in later seasons, the show kept up with that by having a trans character, dealing with gun violence, mental health, parenting in your 20s, and all of that built up expectations for this show. We got Alice who is dealing with the fact that she is Asian and queer and her mom being old school.

Also, with him taking note he is not an activist judge, it would be interesting to see how he holds that as a standard yet sometimes falters.

Essentially what I’m saying here is, I want to see layers and a complicated figure.

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One that Callie truly does learn from and maybe even, when it comes to his possible conservative viewpoints, she may agree. I must admit that expecting this show to get a bit over the top does have me fearing investing in this, yet I do miss how varied the stories get because of the cultures and underrepresented people that are made.

So while rated positive just because the show seems good, and you can see its potential, there is a bit of caution in that.

First of all, The Coterie is a communal living styled apartment building.

So, while Mariana and Callie have their loft, the bathroom and kitchen are shared.

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and how they handled their conservative character, I must admit I fear one-sided writing.

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