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Apple has now streamlined their podcast process, and has revised their procedure for submitting podcasts and have added a very useful tool to the service. In addition, they have now created something called "Podcasts Connect", an online resource for all things related to podcast RSS feeds and Itunes.Check it out here: Apple Podcasts Connect At the link above, you can view the current specifications that they require.This would be in Feed Burner only if you’re using the horrible “Smart Cast” feature.Otherwise, make the changes where the feed is being generated.In this tab, you’ll see new and unplayed episodes from your subscribed shows and recently added episodes. After the latest episode finishes, any unplayed episodes of that show in your Library automatically play next.You'll also see shows you might like and shows that you recently played.

Tap Downloaded Episodes to see only the podcasts that you downloaded, and to listen without cellular data or Wi-Fi.If you appreciate the podcasting information I share, please write your own review on i Tunes or Stitcher!Check out My Podcast Reviews to get your own podcast reviews automatically emailed to you and learn how to grow your audience with reviews!So make sure to check your artwork against Apple's specs. Apple has a new "portal" where all podcasters can log in and submit podcasts, keep track of their status, and most importantly, you can now REFRESH your feed, should it ever get stuck.So if after reading the Podcast Connect information I mentioned earlier on this post, and your are sure your podcast still meets the current specifications, you can try this: Click here to Log In (with your Apple ID and password) and refresh your podcast!

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