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Nicole Everett, 27, explained: “I knew what was happening—we went on a three-way date.

At the last minute, Cathy dropped in: ‘Is it ok if Thomas comes along?

“The way that it happened was that Nicole and I were friends beforehand,” Cathy Keen, 39, told Pink News. “All the things that make the relationship successful as a throuple are all things that I noticed in her professionally—super laid back, really positive, natural diplomat, always tries to see the good in people.

It seems that Jenner and Carter had no intention to hide their polyamorous lifestyle, but were just trying to avoid the toxic gossip in the group along with all of the drama it brings.

Since the couple has split and found new lovers, it seems that it was a natural transition, and they both seem very content in their decision.

She explained: “People come from all different backgrounds, different age groups.

“The only thing they have in common is that they’re all open-minded and able to confront things truthfully about their sexuality.” Watch the throuple talk sex, family and rules on Pink News’ You Tube.

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