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Ellen and Lloyd were finally reunited in America in April 1946, and settled in Lloyd’s Pennsylvania hometown.

If British women saw American soldiers as a breath of fresh air, the liberated people of continental Europe saw them as nothing short of heroes.

Lloyd, a turret gunner on B-17 bombers, was participating in his last bombing mission over Germany in April 18, 1944, when his plane was hit by enemy fire.

The pilot managed to crash-land in a field, and the 10 crew members split up and headed in separate directions.

I told him I was having lunch with Nora, and he said, ‘She can come along.’ So we began walking to Trafalgar Square, which was just a few blocks away.

Every newspaper we sell is guaranteed to be original. Our WWII newspapers cover every inch of the war from September 1939 when the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party led to the invasion of Poland, to Pearl Harbor and the D-Day invasion, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, to the surrenders of Germany and Japan.

The majority of daily WWII newspapers printed battles reports and covered political events related to the war, with some issues eventually becoming quite noteworthy.

To the women of war-ravaged Britain, American GIs were like a breath of fresh air, and nothing was going to stop them from filling their lungs.

The soldiers’ carefree, happy-go-lucky demeanor turned many a female head.

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