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You'd be forgiven for thinking that the number of guys willing to date an expectant mom who isn't getting any thinner and who has regular pregnancy mood swings could be counted on the fingers of one hand. There are a large number of men who are happy (or at least, who don’t mind) dating moms-to-be. Additionally, despite the anxiety of being on your own that you might feel, it’s important to make sure that the person you’re dating is reliable, respectful, and trustworthy.

If things get serious and they are still around after the birth, he may have a part to play in your child’s life.

They’ll definitely prefer to know the truth before they decide to meet up with you or not.

Telling them straight away will also prevent you from wasting your time with men who are not interested.

No matter whether you just want to have a little bit of fun, or you’re looking for a more serious relationship, read on to discover our advice for when you’re pregnant and want to date.

even assuming that the intention of the people behind site up are genuine, surely many of the guys it attracts will be pervs, no?

Single and Pregnant dating website If I was single and pregnant I'd still fancy people of course!

So be careful and take care of yourself, as well as of the little person you’re carrying.

Furthermore, if you want, you can also do some research on your dates.

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And be delighted to go out on a date with someone I fancied.

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