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It takes longer to fully set, but once it does it can last for years and years.

So if we want to enter a healthy, fulfilling marriage one day, it starts with learning to develop friendship in our dating today.

We may know that we need to build a friendship with a romantic partner, but what do we do with all the powerful feelings of attraction and romance that can cloud a relationship?

The first thing we should recognize is that those feelings of romantic attraction aren’t bad or wrong.

The first thing we need to understand is that friendship isn’t something we can brush aside if we hope to build a long-term relationship that can last a life time.

One awesome thing I’ve come to understand about dating is that, even when a casual dating relationship doesn’t become a long-term romantic relationship, the friendship you began building with the other person can remain.But once the lives of two people are united, their feelings tend to naturally calm down somewhat. In the grind of daily life, romantic feelings aren’t what play the biggest role in you and your spouse being united.The truth is friendship between you and your spouse is what primarily supports your commitment to be together through the day-to-day.I remember when I once took a casual friend on a date.She and I had been acquaintances beforehand, but I hadn’t spent much time with her and didn’t know too much about her.

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