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That way as you review the pros and cons of dating older men, you can decide if that type of relationship is right for you.Dating expert Amy North analyzed the science behind binge-watching and figured out a fool-proof system for using it for texting men you are interested in.However, if you and your partner keep showing them how happy you are together, the opposing family members will be more likely to come around. Instead of becoming wiser as they get older, some men just become condescending.This leads to them not taking their partner seriously.Most importantly, they actually want to talk about everything, and they are good listeners as well.Older men are much more stable, both financially and emotionally.They understand the importance of communication & listening.They are also capable of expressing themselves much more clearly.

He knows his goals in life (and has probably already reached a few).

I think you’ll agree with me that there’s something intriguing about dating or marrying someone much older or younger.

As we get introduced to their world (and they to ours) it broadens our experience and perspectives.

We find ourselves in new situations and looking at the world in a new way.

But dating someone significantly older or younger has its challenges too.

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