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But they didn’t ask, so they don’t owe you anything. And they claim to be the kindest person in the world. But they attack others — always with plausible deniability. Clinical psychologist Randy Paterson explains passive-aggressive behavior as: In all cases you get your own way, but you have a plausible excuse that allows you to escape taking responsibility for your actions. They’ll explain why they can’t help or ask for what they want. In fact, at least according to them, they’re always the victim. I’m just trying to help…) Well-adjusted people are assertive.Now how do you get them to do what they should have already done? Otherwise, we now have passive-aggressives dealing with one another.

Tell Passive-Aggressives in explicit detail what it takes to please you and praise them profusely when they do it.

It was awful that a 747 crashed into the post office where they were supposed to mail that letter for you, and you feel terrible they had to suffer through that tragedy.

But since it happened, there’s now another step they need to complete.

Most passive-aggressives live in a fantasy world of denial.

They don’t want to be seen as a bad person but they don’t want to do unpleasant things.

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Instead of criticizing, acknowledge that Passive-Aggressives were doing their best, then let them know how to do better.

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