Psn sexchatt

They start talking about this "job that sounded so crazy" or whatever then try to get you to go to some webcam site.

Check your Messenges now, a common problem that been occuring is that these bot messenges alter your PSN account.

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Checking their profile, they've apparently got no friends, and haven't played any games.

So I feel this is some sort of phishing scam or something?

If you click on your messenges with any of your friends, if your account has been comprimised your name will now be on the left now instead of the right.

Notifications for messenges will now not work at all.

We also do music productions and have been involved in the producti...These bots are somehow scraping peoples PSN IDs which is very concerning.I've had a few friends receive that exact message. I would just block and report the account it's all you can really do.In a way, I'm glad I'm not the only one afflicted, but at the same time, it's stupid that Sony haven't mentioned it.I've changed my password etc anyway, just in case.

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