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Priyanka, who is 10 years older than Nick, even introduced him to her mom within weeks. The long-time bachelor fell hard for Amal Alamuddin, an international law and human rights attorney, and the two were married a year later in Venice, Italy.

"There's a poignancy to being with someone older," the "American Horror Story" star told the New York Times in 2016.

In May 2017, reports swirled that David Foster and Katharine Mc Phee were dating, which came as quite a shock to many, considering their 34-year age difference.

However, the couple didn't let their big age difference get in the way of their love, and they were practically attached at the hip by late 2017.

They treaded some rocky waters and separated for a short while in 2013 but are seemingly happy together now.

Michael is 25 years older than the Oscar-winning actress.

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