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The two quickly experienced a falling out, but still finished the script in five weeks.

Despite all this effort, however, Thalberg was concerned that the original story and the first draft of a script by Fitzgerald and de Sano was too serious, and offered the job of rewriting it to Anita Loos, instructing her to provide something that was more fun and playful and with a greater emphasis on comedy.

No other than that famous platinum blonde, Jean Harlow.

They will either have to get a new title for the picture, or a very large bottle of very extra red henna for Jean's crowning glory." The opening scene of the film shows Harlow's character getting her hair dyed red.

Of particular concern were several scenes in which Harlow was partially undressed or making obvious sexual advances. Despite this fact, the film still received a number of complaints from cinema patrons.In its April 12, 1932 issues, however, Motion Picture magazine (pg.11) reported seeing Jean Harlow at the premiere of the film Grand Hotel sporting red, "titian hair", suggesting she was involved in the production.The "Modern Screen" gossip column in The Hollywood Times confirmed these suspicions in May 1932 stating: "Guess who is going to be MGM's 'Red-Headed Woman'?(Lewis Stone), because of her lower-class origins and homewrecking. Gaerste (Henry Stephenson), a nationally known coal tycoon and the main customer of the Legendre's company, visits the city, Lil thinks she has found a way to force her way into the highest social circles.She seduces Charles, then blackmails him into throwing a party at her mansion, knowing that no one would dare offend him by not showing up.

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