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If you’ve spent any time with her you would not fail to notice the bracing sense of humor and a sharp mind.When conversation turned to relationships (she has recently parted ways with a boyfriend of a couple of years), N mentioned some of her challenges.When a man is able to do this, a woman should know he will not disappoint her in bed as well.This is the kind of man who is able to bring out the best in a woman emotionally and physically.It’s the same reason people feel emboldened to leave comments online, the content of which they would never utter in person.It would be wonderful if online dating sites gave people a third option when responding to a wink/heart/smile/rightswipe. The person who initiated the invitation to engage put him/herself out there. They most definitely realized this when pushing ‘send,’ but found the courage to do it anyways. How great would life be if we could all just keep that in mind when interacting online or off?N probably had a point about rejection chipping away at a woman's self esteem - it had certainly bothered K.According to N, if a man is indeed a man (I will skip the colorful language she used to emphasize her point about what it takes to be a real man), he is likely to compliment a woman on her looks sincerely – her eyes, the slant of her throat,her skin tone, the shape of her lips, the texture of her hair, the curve of her body – whatever it is about her that is really nice, he will notice it and tell her how he finds her attractive.

In short, imminently avoidable irrespective of the woman's relationship goals. And so on a Friday evening, when her son is with her ex, N has to content herself chatting with a girlfriend instead of being out on an exciting date with a man who can for a few hours dissolve the many stresses of the week, make her laugh and feel totally desirable.Are these guys looking to date only women who have been Miss Universe within the last five years ? More likely than not, they will reject a woman who appears confident about herself and her place in the world - someone who is not in need of a man's validation of her worth.Rejection helps them establish that they and not the woman are in control.I was walking home after dropping J off at her friend’s house.Other than some chores, I did not have much to do that evening.

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N loves guys who don’t ask to see a picture (are thrilled if she sends them some), are curious to learn what she is all about, enjoy talking to her and set up a date just to get to know her better. I tell N, may it’s not men – it’s all those pesticides at work feminizing them.

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  1. Many women who have never dated a younger man before say the same thing: “I don’t see why someone several years younger than me would find me attractive: he could get someone his own age.” They have obviously never logged into Toyboy Warehouse! The men of Toyboy Warehouse are looking for women who know what they want.