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See screenshot: Tip: Copy formatting option will keep all cells formatting after pasting the range, if the option has been checked.

And all selected formulas have been pasted into the specified cells without changing the cell references.

As you are typing a formula and finish a cell reference, press F4 to toggle between the 4 combinations of reference types.Click the arrow on the Paste button in the Paste section of the Home tab. You will notice that the total displays in the destination cell from the original cell, and the formula that displays in the Formula Bar for the destination cell contains the same absolute references as the original formula in the original cell.NOTE: Copying and pasting a formula into a destination cell does not mean that the formula will be updated in the destination cell when it is updated in the original might want to say something loudly [I refrain from using that word].Second, you put extra effort and fix all the formulas.

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