Restoring ipod without updating software

(not interested in jailbreaking)Thanks again, even if it isn't what I wanted to hear. Apple phone support told me I could restore without an update this morning, but when I followed the restore directions they emailed, i Tunes clearly said it would "install the latest i Phone software" so I stopped there. My AT&T unlock directions say to restore to unlock my i Phone, but I DO NOT want i OS 6.Is there another way to legally unlock without restoring?There ARE ways around these restrictions, but you have to have been doing special backups of the SHSH files all along.See my original post for a not-too-detailed discussion of these (don't want to go too in depth on non-Apple approved methods).

The Apple server can also reject the request outright, which it does for any older versions of firmware you try installing using the Shift/Option-click restore.

It will only work for any firmware versions which Apple is approving (signing SHSH blobs).

There is a step during any restore where i Tunes checks with Apple servers verifying that the firmware file (even if you downloaded it from google) should be installed.

When you update or restore, your copy of i Tunes requests permission from an Apple server to install that specific firmware to your specific device. I'm really mad about my phone being held hostage by Apple. It's nice that Apple is innovating constantly, and that's great, but sometimes as a consumer you make choices based on other very important factors too like cost.

Some tools exist that request this permission for the latest firmware and store the "OK" reply from the Apple servers. Looks like I'm screwed by Apple, with no way to restore or unlock without a downgrade (yes downgrade) to i OS 6. Therefore you do not buy an i Phone every time it comes out.

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