Rihanna dating dieter

In fact, her own spin doctor spoke of making her ‘the German Thatcher’.

The rumors between Rihanna and Leonardo Di Caprio haven’t died down yet.

Di Caprio already threw a lavish party for the singer’s 27th birthday.There are new reports saying that the singer is planning to take the actor to her cousin’s wedding.In fact, the wedding is in Barbados, which is the perfect time for Leo to meet Rihanna’s family.Young people are flooding to the German capital in pursuit of excitement. The '80s wasn’t all discos and dancing, though.Then again, when hasn’t Berlin been an oasis of pleasure… Some readers might remember the hooliganism that marred English football in back then and even left English clubs banned from European competition after the Heysel stadium disaster, in which 39 people died in a crush. Two weeks ago top Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund were sanctioned after their ‘Ultra’ fans attacked RB Lepizig supporters and police.

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