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Her psychiatrist (Ron Silver) steadfastly refuses to buy this explanation, but when a team of parapsychologists gets involved, the impossible turns out to be the irrefutable truth.

Hershey gives a fierce performance as a woman driven to the brink of madness by the refutation of her victimhood.

Night Shyamalan became an overnight filmmaking sensation with his "I see dead people" sleeper hit, "The Sixth Sense." It was a simple ghost story imparted with supreme confidence — the low-key, gather-round-the-campfire antidote to the artless CG excess of Jan de Bont's horrid adaptation of Shirley Jackson's "The Haunting." When it comes to spinning a good, ghostly yarn, the build's the thing.

Setting, characterization, atmosphere..your audience to hang on every word.

At three hours, it’s a demanding sit for audiences primed to pick up their smartphones every other minute, but if you rid your living room of devices and give yourself over to Kobayashi’s superlative craftsmanship, you’ll find the eerie sights and slithering deep under your skin.

Fire the imagination and The greatest of all cinematic ghost stories, and one of the greatest films period, is Kenji Mizoguchi’s fable about an ambitious potter (Masayuki Mori) who is persuaded by the spirit of a deceased noblewoman (Machiko Kyo) to leave his wife and child.

He does so for a time, and then upon realizing his folly, he returns home to his family where he unexpectedly encounters another ghost.

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Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of Stephen King’s bestseller makes early use of the steadicam to thrust the viewer into the vast emptiness of the hotel, where the ghosts of a previous caretaker’s murdered family await.

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