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As Leaders we can ban you for having discussions of this nature but you should also know that Team Amino frequently bans people for the kind of discussions I'm talking about, even if the conversation is intended to be a joke.I am not available for private messages on this subject, if you have a concern leave a message below.

This is NOT ALLOWED anywhere in this community, or any other Amino community.This has been a sore spot for months, and we have decided that listing, and only listing, what an OC's orientation will be allowed, but absolutely no where else in the community.Discussion about said orientation will not be allowed anywhere, on an OC or in reference to oneself.Advertisements: A Friendly Reminder Advertisements of any kind are Not Allowed in Public Chats. Your blog must be relevant to this community.∴ ════ ∴ ❈ ∴ ════ ∴OC Guidelines: Friendly Reminder Only 1 Favorite for all OC's.If you wish to advertise a new or other Amino community, then we advise doing this... All OC's must be relevant to Harry Potter and the OC favorites must have a backstory and description.

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