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You can find something you both enjoy, and connect over the intimacy of being alone together. Almost all girls like sweets, and love sharing dessert and craft cocktails at home.

Here are the 6 great at home fun things to do with your girlfriend: Either use what you have at home, or make a trip to the grocery store part of the date. Be creative and show off your bar tending skills for each other.

Initiate some resource for guys in any stage of dating… it allows for a great quiet date that lets you get to know her, but without the pressures of a formal dinner. Plus, the gardens will be quiet, letting you talk and get to know each other Probably one of the best casual, get-to-know-you dates… Plus, you can win her a prize to hold on to Here are 6 awesome group date ideas: Invite friends, and visit everyone’s favorite bars.

the questions range from icebreaker to deep questions… and remember, these dates often have a really cool atmosphere… your friends take a lot of the pressure off, but you can still get to know her (and how smart she is) over an insanely fun trivia competition. You and she can both experience new places, and get to know each other’s friends (but let music and drinks take away any awkward pressure).

Try setting a timer for one hour, and make it your goal to clean the whole house by then.

Instead of the car wash, wash it outside with the hose.

This is a surprisingly entertaining thing to do with a girlfriend.

Save some money at the grocery store every week and grow your own garden together.

She’ll like remembering when she trick-or-treated as a kid.Here are 14 great seasonal fun things to do with your girlfriend: If you don’t live near a beach, this is an incredibly romantic way to show her that you love spending the summer days with her.All the ideas on our top summer date list are specifically designed to treat you both to new adventures.Water parks are only open a few months out of the year…so tell her you want to take advantage of doing this together while you can. but most girls like dressing up, and not every girl gets the chance to be part of a couples’ costume See the list of top adventurous dates that are absolutely perfect for warm-weather days.

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If you and your girlfriend are looking for a new way to break your routine, try one of these They’re all specially designed for couples that want to have new, exciting experiences together. and if you usually like quiet, classy spots, try a dive bar or live rock music venue. It doesn’t matter what the date teaches you just embrace the chance to learn something and have a new experience with the girl you like.

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