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It seems like there’s no better place to get on the job experience, watching a director, than on your own TV series. For me, it wasn’t so much about asking questions about lenses and certain shots.

I know how the machine works, and I learned so much by just observing.

After that, it became a conversation of, “Do you really want to be a part of this? ” It was about wanting to get back to consistent work with people that I feel comfortable with and that I’m safe with, and that know my talents and abilities.

Back when I booked the pilot in March, I have family members that actually watched them all on DVD, so it will be interesting to see how they feel about it. I was shadowing her, so I was on set for a couple days and she was very open with me about the process and how she got where she is, as far as acting and directing. Is directing something that you’ve wanted to do for a bit now?They also know me on such a personal level that they knew they could tweak things this way or that way.I think the story of Kyle made more since for them, after I read for it.Let me play a nice human being who is there for his friends.” Kyle has his life together. Although there has been tragedy in his family, he still has a great head on his shoulders. Kyle also finds himself in a bit of a situation because he knows a bit about what’s going on. They used to date each other, back in high school, for a long period of time.So, it’s nice to have Kyle bounce around with each character. What can you say about the relationship between Kyle and Liz, and how that will evolve? Some time has passed now, but there are still some feelings there.

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