Row cannot be located for updating vba

Autofilter doesn’t have it’s own copy method so after filtering we have to copy the data using some other method.

Advanced Filter automatically copies the data and we can specify the columns we want to be copied. I have created two different methods of copying using Auto Filter for individual rows.

In this section you will see how the different methods compare in terms of speed.

Using the fastest method is vital when dealing with large amounts of data.

Don’t worry, in this section I will provide a complete guide to selecting the correct Excel VBA copy method to use.

CLICK HERE TO GET THE CODE AND DATA FOR THIS POST To copy without any filter use the copy by assignment method like this: Advanced Filter is the fastest and easiest method to use if you want to filter by column values using AND logic: e.g Item is “Laptop Model A” And Volume is greater than 20 Advanced Filter is the fastest method to do an OR filter. e.g Item is “Laptop Model A” Or Volume 20″ If you want to get the total amount for each item then using a Pivot Table is faster than the other two methods.

This is vital when you are determining which one to use.

You can use section 4 to help you determine which method you should use based on your requirements.

At the other end you can see that a Using the Advanced Filter is the clear winner here.

Transposing means to copy data so that the rows become columns and the columns become rows There are two methods of transposing data: tends to be much slower.

No matter which Excel VBA Copy method we use there are some tasks we must perform first.

The downside of the Pivot Table is that the code may be slightly complex for a new user.

ADO is very flexible but it does require knowledge of SQL(Structured Query Language). If you are doing a large volume of transpose copies then Application.

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