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The first set of numerical digits correspond to the animation slot used in the animation editor, slot 03.

The final set of numerical digits correspond to the picture ID being used, 007.

It is also possible to send the player to a previous map.

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This version was translated to English and distributed via the internet under the name, Sim RPG Maker 95.

Games created with this Sim RPG Maker are focused around strategic battles in which players move their units (battle characters) on a graphical field, separate the units, and use the units to attack.

The program is somewhat limited and inflexible in comparison to other RPG Makers.

It comes with a run-time package (RTP) with built-in graphics for animations.

Custom graphics can be added, but this is more difficult than in other programs from the RPG Maker series.

For example, a walking graphic for a character class using picture ID 007, could be named CA03_007.

The first two letters, "CA", correspond to "character animation".

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Some maps may even be used strictly for cutscenes, with no battles taking place.

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