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General fitness refers to the development of the key physical components of: 1. All Rugby players will require a reasonable level of the 5 fitness components.

The higher the level of play the greater the level of fitness required to meet the demands of the game.

Maturation from pre-adolescent through adolescence will vary from child to child.

This variation in physical, emotional and psychosocial development offers constant challenges to the teacher, parent and coach. Safety during training and competition is enforced through good standards of care, attention and awareness.

A brief description of these elements follows: Locomotion consists of walking, jogging, cruising, sprinting, turning at pace, side-stepping, evading, running with a forward drive, moving sideways, backwards …. This is best illustrated in the ability of our top international players to change direction with precision and at pace, a key quality that distinguishes top class players from average players.

In addition, the young player does not possess the physical maturity (bone, muscle, fuel stores) nor motor fitness base to benefit from specific fitness training.

With a wide base of motor fitness and some general component development the young player will bring an impressive range of fitness abilities and skill to the senior ranks.

For example, if a player is to transfer the strength developed in the Gym into play he should follow a progression from General weight training to special exercises (such as medicine ball training) through to position specific training.

In this case medicine ball work can be seen to bridge the gap between the weight training room and the activity of the game.

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