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p=3072016 Date that S&W ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pre-War N frame. I hated the idea of driving a couple hours and returning without the gun but the gun would not due me any good if I killed myself. I explained my problem and asked if it would be OK for me to take a nap and meet him later. I have driven 400 t0 500 miles to buy guns more than 1/2 dozen times and expected to make it home the same day.I didn't include the cost of gas because I love driving the Corvette but the to ( extra per dog that's why I like traveling in my camper) cost for the motel was not a planned expense.I am happy I got the gun but I never expected to have to stay at a motel. It also states that a Model 28-2 serial number N951647 was discovered in 2004 and was determined to be a salesman's sample; it had a red ramp front sight and white outline rear. I looked it up in Jim Supica's "Standard Catalog of [email protected]' and here is what I found: "After 1980 the M28 serial numbers were merged with the other N frame serial number ranges" with the highest known range of N97xxxx circa 1986. N Series N Frames: N1 – N60,000………….......1970-72 N60,001 – N 190,000…...1972-74 N190,001 – N430,000…...1975 – 77 N430.001 – N 550,000…..1978 N550,001 – N580,000….. 22000---------1942-1945 None Post-War S Series N frames: S62,489 – S67,999……..1946 - Early 1947 S68,000 – S71,999………. In one known example a gun with serial S136431 was not shipped until June of 1958.

The 6" models are more scarce than the 4" models, and being N-I-B adds to the value. I picked up a first year 5 screw pre-M28 a while back in a trade They are mighty fine shooters indeed. Yours is at the end of the "N" serial numbers, and the end of the Model 28. You have a collectible firearm, although it won't really appreciate in value for several years. A few years ago Model 28's such as the one you're buying would have brought 0, max. Late 1952 – Early 1952 S86,000 – S94,999…….…Late 1952 – Early 1953 S95,000 – S102,999…….Hw agreed and I took a 2 hour nap and felt a lot better. I still was not feeling well so I went back to my room and slept till about 4 AM (I always sleep with the curtain open and my dogs bark whenever someone walked near my car so I go woke up a few times).

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I made an agreement and unless there is something that has been miss represented by the seller I will not back out of the deal I don't think $650 is overpaying at all. If it was a little earlier vintage and with a 4in barrel it would be an $800 pistol all day long here in Dallas.

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