Same sex education marriage dating

And adults with advanced degrees were not separately analyzed because of the small sample size.

It said: "Given what has already happened in England - where a court case is being brought against the Church of England with the ink barely dry on the Royal Assent - there is no doubt that we will see similar instances north of the Border.

The Free Church of Scotland said this would offer greater protection to celebrants who did not want to carry out marriage ceremonies for gay couples.

A conscience clause could also help protect teachers who do not want to teach pupils about same-sex marriage as part of their classes, the Free Church said.

Among those who were ages 25 and older in 2014, 65% of those with a bachelor’s degree or more were married, compared with 53% of adults with less education, according to a Pew Research Center analysis.

While the research does not address reasons these marriages last longer, we do know college-educated adults marry later in life and are more financially secure than less-educated adults.

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