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Provide visibility of the change request throughout the change control process to ensure that everyone involved with the project can easily find out the current status of any changes in the process, as well as the reasons for approving or rejecting specific changes.Ensuring that the change is implemented appropriately is critical because all of the effort that goes into analyzing and making decisions does not matter if the change is not actually implemented fully and correctly.The same level of rigor is required to plan changes to the baseline plans, as were required to develop the baseline plan originally.This is an area that many teams fall short – they often behave like change is complete at the time it is approved (contrary to popular opinion, changes do not implement themselves).Effective change control processes maintains the appropriate balance between control/discipline to manage to the baseline plan, and flexibility to adapt the plans to meet customer expectations.In the spirit of not overcomplicating the process, the basic steps associated with the change control process are pretty straightforward (depicted in the graphic below).To see the Gantt Chart View, follow these steps: If you want to get a list of just the critical path tasks (Figure 2), you can use the Group By option in the Microsoft Project toolbar.

The change control process enables proactive identification and management of change, in a manner that keeps the project moving in the right direction, towards successful completion/delivery.As you can see, MS Project has a lot of different views of the relevant project data.By using a few of these tables and views, you can analyze your schedule further and understand how to react accordingly.In this post I am going to focus in on the change control process.The overall goal of change control is to prevent changes from overwhelming a project or taking the project unnecessarily off track.

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