Sedating a dog for travel

Plus, restraining the dog also keeps them from moving around the car and distracting you while you’re driving. If you restrain your dog using only a collar, your pet may get strangled if you get into a wreck, especially if you rear-end someone. A small dog who loves to look out the car window will enjoy having a booster seat.Designed to fit in your back seat, booster seats are secured with your automobile’s seat belt, around which you clip a dog seat belt that you attach to the harness.According to the Animal Legal and Historical Center, as of 2017, only 5 U. states had laws in place to keep dogs out of truck beds: reports that thousands of dogs are killed each year riding in the back of pickup trucks.That number doesn’t even account for all the injuries that don’t lead to deaths.

Avoid feeding immediately before boarding, as the dog will have a full stomach.

These specialized seats not only provide a safe place for travel but they also act as a comfortable dog bed.

Most are made out of sturdy foam core topped with fabric and fleece. Booster seats provide maximum comfort and a view for your pup. Here’s a highly rated car booster seat for small dogs that is sold by a company called Kurgo.

You know how gravel and dirt sometimes spray onto your windshield, resulting in tiny cracks in the glass?

A dog riding in a truck bed is susceptible to that same gravel and dirt spray.

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