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We have 19 now, with a 20th one PS Hair Design in the wings.

These businesses have joined the fight to keep local, independent journalism alive on an Island where a giant Canadian media conglomerate has slurped up all three newspapers and then erased bylines off of work done in the old days by people such as myself.

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I wanted to join, and even though I'm usually shy, I didn't even ask my husband!

The Cabin in the Woods — The antidote to 30 years of cinematic horror film crap. Goon — Best profane, bloody, hilarious hockey movie yet.You're here to enjoy, relax, make friends and have fun. I have plenty of fingerfoods and set-ups for you, and the parties are BYOB, and we don't have a dress code The provocative part for swingers is the thrill of the anticipation of something new.I have plenty of fingerfoods and set-ups for you, and the parties are BYOB, and we don't have a dress code There is a door donation for the parties, just e-mail me or call and I can answer any questions or give directions, if you need them. For crying out loud, people - isn't there still some degree of integrity involved in being in the Lifestyle? Because, continuing a tradition fine-tuned during the heyday of Taya Boonstra forever immortalized as Taya Boonscara by Herald writers , they are back at it, massacring Coupeville names like the Huns rolling over Europe, just with a lot less finesse. The topper though, the one that makes no sense whatsoever the first three are reasonably close , is when they turned Anthony Bergeron into Anthony Bucchoson.You got the B at the start and the N at the end right, and then you had a stroke on us, it appears. The Adventures of Tintin — I read every one of the comics times as a kid. Argo — Slam-bang true-life thriller, with cynically funny Hollywood lifers providing a counter-point to the very real life-and-death ordeal being played out in Iran.

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Together, whether we live here in Coupeville or read my words from afar, we are all Wolf Nation. Unlike Canada, which goes home at 4: Do it because you want to cheese off the Canucks. There are days when I think they are doing it on purpose.

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