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In this Talk, Philosopher Yann Dall’Aglio ponders and lectures on the true nature of love.

Specifically, he addresses how you can deeply connect with your partner in an era when you’re fighting to see whose selfie gets the most likes.

Under the direction of editor Stacey Baker, photographer Alec Soth photographed pairs of people at the world’s largest speed dating event and Nevada’s largest retirement community to figure out how a true love story unfolds — and how yours compares.

He didn’t take any pictures at the Spearmint Rhino, which is both prohibited and completely irrelevant to anyone’s love story. It’s main point: navigating conflicting needs for security and surprise is the greatest key to relationship success.

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Helen Fisher put 37 people into an MRI brain scanner who’d reported either being currently happily in love, still in love after 10-25 years of marriage, or recently dumped to learn where love lives in the brain and how it works neurologically. Is there anything a nerd with a wireless mic and some Power Point slides can’t teach you?It’s actionable whether you’re married or know how to make artificial semen, that it’s possible to give a dead person the least arousing orgasm of all time, or that in-utero masturbation is a real thing that’s been written about in medical journals.As a TED speaker, she explains how you can fall in love with anyone by asking them 36 questions and then staring into their eyes for four minutes without speaking.So your toddler is halfway there when they ask you, “Why?

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It certainly allows you to watch her talk on your phone — preferably at the same time and in the same room as your partner. We have been confronting slavery since Fort Sumter 1861...

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