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The Teacher's Tale · General · The Teacher’s Tale “And for next week I want you to read chapters 16 to 20 alright?!” My last sentence of class was met with a cacophony of noise. It read “I need to see you in my office at the end of the day.” Under ‘reason’ was simply “;)” and it was just signed “LDE”. I had fancied Lara since we had joined the school together last year. I suddenly caught myself and rushed back to my classroom hoping the day would pass quickly.I would like to meet a bi/ or bi-curious women to join me for threesomes with other women.You and I will likely lots of have amazing sex together by ourselves‚ we might hang out‚ do fun things on the side (piggy back rides‚ water ballon fights)‚ but will sometimes meet women for drinks and take them to a hotel or my house for absolutely incredible‚ mind blowing‚ ever lasting memory creating sexual adventures.

Thanks for reading‚ I look forward to hearing back soon.....For me‚ sex between 2 lovers can and should be one of the most beautiful things.I am always hoping that I can find an attractive woman‚ who would value me as a friend and lover.The bell rang‚ chairs scraped‚ bags zipped‚ voices grew louder. I sighed and picked up my own books; heading to the staff room to get my lunch. It was a force of habit – something my mother had always done for me when I was at school‚ it made me feel… I said hello to my fellow teachers and opened my locker. LDE was the acronym that our school’s dance teacher used. We were only a year apart in age but she seemed so much like me that the age thing never mattered. I myself was not very tall – at the age of 21‚ I was 5’7” quite slim in build with a big smile and big round brown eyes.She was not the tallest‚ nor the shortest of women‚ she was a perfect height and a fantastic build‚ her legs were lithe and sexy – years of dancing had toned them up‚ her stomach was flat‚ her arse had a fantastic curvature almost perfect and her breasts… I had caught several of my sixth formers staring at me and it worried me to think about how they talked about me and my fellow teachers – knowing that I had only myself been in their shoes three or four years previously.

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