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But they had only four months—which meant they needed a crash course on Holland in the late seventies, when Jimmy Carter was president and Sony had just unveiled a portable music player called the Walkman. Thumbing through old newspapers, the students learned that during the winter of 78, a strike was crippling Holland's Chemetron paint plant.

Nearly 200 union members had walked out, and Teamsters organizers brought in experienced strikers from Detroit to lend muscle on the picket line.

Anxious about the questions her class would be asking the couple, she'd procrastinated all morning, lost and found her car keys, but finally made it to the interview.But the Chandlers, seated side by side on their floral-print couch, were surprisingly eager to talk.Jim remembered Janet as "the most spiritual one of the family." Glenna, hands clasped in her lap, chin held high as if willing herself not to break down, mentioned that Janet had been the lone daughter among their three children.He'd come across Janet's story in the spring of 2003 while interviewing a detective who was retiring from the Holland police force.Schock asked if there was one case that still haunted the cop.

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She had no way of knowing then that the documentary she and her seven classmates were making would trigger a fresh police investigation and unearth some horrifying new truths. Before filming started that day, Schock had gathered the Chandlers and the students for a prayer.

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