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That their partner must be judging them and thinking about how gross they look. It turns out that not every person out there wants the media’s image of “beauty”.

Sorry, but for the vast majority of people, this is not the way it works. And it also turns out that most people aren’t only attracted to one kind of beauty.

Almost every woman over 20 has cellulite and/or stretch marks somewhere.

We just don’t see it in magazines because they’re airbrushed out.

Vaginas are, on average, 3-5 inches when the woman is unaroused, and 5-8 inches long/deep when the woman is sexually aroused.

But perhaps the most important part- it’s only the first couple of inches that are very sensitive on most women.

If your partner is female-bodied, do they need clitoral, g-spot, anterior fornix, rectouterine pouch or some other erogenous zone to be stimulated?

It's about not just trying one thing and expecting it to work on them- you need to try a range of things and really explore their entire body and learn how you can move so that your penis gives your partner as much pleasure as possible. Most, however, don’t give a shit about size as long as their partner works with them to figure out how to make the sexual experience as good as possible.

The trouble with that is that everyone is so very different, so one technique that works incredibly well on one person will do absolutely nothing at all for the next.In the society we live in, it’s no wonder that negative body images are on the rise.For most people, they believe they’re too fat and that it’s all their partner is thinking about when they see them naked. They still want to see you fully naked, with the lights on, and are totally turned on and aroused by what they see.So it’s incredibly important to talk to your sexual partner to learn about what type of stimulation they enjoy.This includes before, during and after participating in the act itself.

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It’s pretty astounding how many posts we get in /r/sex from men who are super stressed out about the size of their penis.

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