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The 30-year-old has a job in Dakar that pays him 0 a month.

Half his paycheck goes to rent and he stretches the other half to cover his living expenses and to send funds to his elderly mother in Ivory Coast. The woman says she has found him an internship in Holland and offered to buy him a plane ticket.

Female sex tourism is often referred to as “love tourism,” and becomes a lifestyle for some women who make frequent trips to see a regular boyfriend or simply play the field.

Some see it as companionship with the promise of a pay-off at the end, but Ba and other Saly residents said it’s just plain old sex for money.

The woman who will get me a visa and a plane ticket out of here." The resort town of Saly, on the Atlantic coast, 55 miles south of Dakar, bears the dubious distinction as the epicenter of sex tourism in Senegal.Middle-aged and elderly female tourists are a quick payday for young men — often called gigolos or antiquaires, originally souvenir vendors — who work out shirtless on the beaches and preen in the nightclubs.It's a hustle, locals said, and the older the woman, the better.Last spring, the French news program, "66 Minutes," investigated female sex tourism in Saly and the growing number of marriages between European women and local men, often with vast age differences. Needless to say, Saly's residents were not pleased with the story's release and have become rather wary of the media. — Valentine's Day, no less — when I first ventured into Les Etages, a nightclub that opened two years ago and has become a veritable hunting ground for tourists — male and female — on the prowl.Going undercover, female reporters recorded via hidden camera the young men propositioning them on the beach. Inside, female prostitutes, some wearing more makeup than clothes, ringed the club's perimeter.

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