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and that I would be part of the suicide survivors club, too.

The Sunday before my son Anthony’s suicide, he was at my house with his siblings.

“The hardest thing is to wonder who he would be now.

What would he be doing now and what kind of person he would be? I was angry at my brother for a long time, still am sometimes. Dan (18) had gotten into an argument with Anthony that morning when Anthony took him to work.

I find that a lot of Catholics/Christians tend to avoid, or want people grieving to avoid, that anger stage of grief, as if it were offensive to God.

Nobody understands that feeling of being abandoned by God the Father like Christ, who asked “Why have you forsaken me? Why wouldn’t we feel the same way when we lose our loved ones, especially to suicide, which comes with trauma as well as grief?

Felecity was with her dad for the first time in years, so she was not with us when we found Anthony. It was important to me to have my kids know someone who understands what it is like to walk in those shoes.

Since Shaun is someone my children look up to, and he’s been walking on this journey, I felt he was that person.

Not only did he make my friend’s night by dedicating “Broken” to us, but he was a genuinely great guy. If you have heard some of Seether’s music, you will understand why I didn’t expect that to be the case.

On August 13, 2007, Shaun Morgan’s younger brother, Eugene, committed suicide.

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