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He transforms into a Cybertronic fighter jet, armed with two spring-loaded projectile launchers that can fire orange "energon" bolts. He has a third robot mode that collapses the legs around the cockpit (oh hush), with flip-out panels revealing an extra pair of thrusters.

His spark crystal, revealed by flipping the purple hatch on his back, has a Decepticon insignia tampographed on top of it.

Released in the fourth wave of the series, it featured functional missile launchers for the first time on a Hasbro version of the toy, but because the launchers now worked, both sets of missiles had to be lengthened for safety reasons.

His machine guns didn't turn out too bad; the missiles didn't fare so well.

The original Skywarp toy was reissued for the first time in 2001 as part of Takara's small "Collector's Edition" series, which made several Generation 1 toys available as convention exclusives.

Sold in new open-faced packaging with no notable changes from the original figure, Skywarp was an exclusive at the Japanese science fiction convention "Super Festival 21", available only in a set with Thundercracker and limited to 1000 pieces.

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His fictional appearances, however, use the conventional arrangement shown here.

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Skywarp is armed with a pair of missile launchers that mount on his arms in robot mode, and under his wings in jet mode, with a pair of specialized projectiles for each.

In jet mode, two short rockets are fitted into the launchers to make them resemble the drop tanks a real F-15 carries, while in robot mode, they are replaced with the long barrels of Skywarp's machine guns.

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