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Tonight, we clicked the You Tube button on the television to watch some clips (something we do often — we love catching up on late-night TV You Tube clips and content on our television.) This is what we saw: Certain older You Tube apps will no longer be supported after April 2015 Devices affected: Select devices manufactured in 2012 and earlier, including Sony TVs & Blu-ray Players, Panasonic TVs & Blu-ray Players, and devices running Google TV.On April 20, 2015, we will no longer support the You Tube app on certain device models from 2012 and older, as we upgrade the Data API that these apps are based on.The easiest way to compromise a TV in this manner would be to draft it into a botnet, although you could theoretically mine cryptocurrency on a TV.

There are 180 models of Sony televisions affected — not counting the Sony Blu-Ray players, home theater systems, receivers and media viewers that also currently stream You Tube but will not be able to after April 2015. Back in 2012, we learned the hard way that even though a new television supports something at the time you buy it, there’s no guarantee that the television will to support those features for its lifetime.

The first, CVE-2018-16595, allows a user to overflow Photo Sharing Plus's stack buffer with an extremely long URL. This lets the attacker browse every file stored on the television.

This could threaten your privacy, particularly if (for whatever reason) you store sensitive information on your TV, but the most compromising thing an attacker could find is your Wi-Fi network information — which would not be especially helpful, since he or she would have to be on your network already in order to launch the attack.

If you have a Sony Bravia smart TV, you're probably familiar with its Photo Sharing Plus functionality.

This innocuous app lets you share photos from your phone or computer directly to your television so that you can delight (hopefully) your friends and family without having to hunch over a tiny screen.

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