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Check the looping portion of the casting about the handle, the casting on the fence where the arms arch upward, and the skates of the main stock and sliding section. It also does a fine job of cutting cross grain rabbets, a common function when making lipped drawer fronts.

If you have money burning a hole in your pocket, and are given the chance to buy one, and you dig working wood with handtools, buy this tool!

The plane should be inspected for cracks or repairs to the castings.

The plane is a rugged one, but like any other piece of cast iron, it cannot withstand body slams to concrete or the like.

A detachable guard plate, which is often missing from the plane, was screwed to the sliding section's skate for this function.

The guard plate extends the depth of the sliding section so that it can reference the edge of the stock and position the cutter at a constant distance from the edge.

Test that your guard plate's inner face is flush with the inner face of the sliding section, when the guard plate is attached.

Traut, a German immigrant, who was generally known as "The Patent King of the United States." He held at least 145 patents, ranging from woodworking tools to bottle openers.

He held the basic patent for the #45This is yet another in a series of combination planes offered by Stanley.

The batten is tacked along the right side of the dado's position on the wood so that the right side of the plane has a consistant reference to cut the dado.

The depth stop is positioned on the sliding section, which is opposite when grooving or rabbeting where the depth stop is positioned on the main stock.

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