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Not too long back they adjusted it so only G-rated would show.

Zac (Zachary Walker Hanson, drums and vocals) was born on October 22, 1985.As time progressed rumors had spread far and wide among fans and non fans a like.In June 2002 Taylor married Natalie Ann Bryant who was five months pregnant at the time.Since Hanson appeared on the pop culture radar in 1997 rumors of Taylor's sexuality have run rampant.The rumors originally arose due to his androgynous look, being only 14 when Hanson became internationally famous with their #1 Album "Middle of Nowhere" with 'MMMBop' (which reached #1 on the Billboard Charts and remained there for 14 weeks) Taylor was in the middle of puberty and his soft features and long blond hair caused many people to confuse him for a girl.

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In recent years a large quantity of photographs of Taylor in homosexual encounters have surfaced.

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