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Also, a shy child engages with other kids, just at a different level of intensity than their peers.

In contrast, children with social phobia will get very upset when they have to interact with people.

Sometimes social phobia goes undiagnosed because parents confuse it with shyness.As children grow and mature, they learn how to avoid being the focus of attention at school or home; as a result, their extreme discomfort in social situations can go unnoticed.Because children with social phobia are generally content and compliant around home, and because parents do not receive reports of misbehavior at school, many families fail to recognize a problem until their child is already withdrawn from activities and peers.Learning to distinguish a shy child from one with social phobia, and understanding how parents can empower—rather than enable—children with social anxiety will help our children live full, socially rich lives.Recognizing the “silent disorder” Social anxiety disorder is sometimes called a silent disorder because it can affect children for years before it is diagnosed.

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(Read about SAD in children and adolescents.) Parents can help prevent social phobia from taking hold by being attuned to warning signs and symptoms.

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