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Boys love to manage a good amount of privacy in relationship and generally feel uncomfortable when things related to them are discussed on social platforms.

One of the most clear advice to teenage girls is not to be a drama queen in a relationship. No guy likes a drama queen in his life, everyone adores a humorous, joyful girl, and if he is never going to consider a drama girl as his girlfriend.

Nobody wants to face any type of problems in a relationship, whether you are new love birds or dating each other for a good time, complications and problems are destined in a relationship.

Some problems wash away after a time but some remain as they were, it is only you and your partner who is going to deal with them.

Internet keeps us together but it can also set us apart.

We suggest teenage girls to avoid making issues out of small and silly things.

But despite putting so much efforts in our relationship, we still struggle.

Reasons are so many, but it is only you who can make it better.

Dating and falling in love with someone are two different things.

Both of them generally happen in teenage for the first time.

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