Teenage stress factors dating

Sometimes they’re called spoiled or coddled or helicoptered.

But a closer look paints a far more heartbreaking portrait of why young people are suffering.

Talking to teens – and making sure both boys and girls understand the importance of trust, respect, and honesty in relationships – can help to lay a foundation for intimate relationships.

This belief is amplified if teens are witness to violent, abusive, or unhealthy relationships at home.

Teens involved in unhealthy or abusive relationships are more likely to suffer from debilitating or limiting long-term consequences.

This leads to an increase in the number of relationships that go south.

Teenage romantic relationships are more likely to turn violent when: Teens are also sponges – they absorb what they see and hear in the world around them.

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Encourage teens to speak to adults with whom they have an admiration and trust.

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