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A friend recently posted on Facebook the way he was having a casual chat with a girl, usual stuff, and then out of the blues, she asks: While this may appear a bit extreme if a girl wants you she will go out of her way to find out more about you: your values, your passion, and your dreams.This is a good sign that she is genuinely interested in you.Giving you compliments almost certainly means that she wants you and she is interested in having something happen between the two of you.If you are seeing a few of the signs above, it could be an indication that the girl really does want you.Well, that is a positive sign that the woman is attracted to you.If a girl is into you, she will be checking you out … Indeed, some studies have indicated that prolonged eye contact can trigger feelings of love between two people. We rarely make strong eye contact with people we do not like.Feelings are communicated through cues, and the actions speak for themselves.All the signs that a woman wants you are evident in her body language. Jeremy Nicholson, a psychologist, you will learn a lot from the way a woman looks at you.

You love talking to her and always look forward to seeing her.A woman who likes you will position herself in such a way that she is always in your immediate orbit.It is no coincidence that she has happened to be in your vicinity on several occasions. You will realize that you are always seeing her out of the corner of your eye, and in the book store, you always seem to end up in the same row.A study whose results were recorded in the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior indicated that people mimic the behavior of those they are attracted to. Further, marriage experts indicate that humor plays a huge role in diffusing tension and conflict in the relationship.The degree to which the woman laughs while talking to you is indicative of the degree of success you would have dating her.

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As a result, she will end up giving you a lot of compliments, communicating indirectly that she likes you.

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