Tool for validating xml against xsd

It could be my lack of sleep, but I suspect gremlins.

Nonetheless, if this is about how to achieve what you need using the tool that you're already using...I then downloaded Oxygen XML editor and it worked fine on the same XML and XSD files, so the files seem to be fine (or Oxygen is more forgiving / flexible . To define the namespace: In the XML file's root element: I had this same problem, but VS was referencing my schema correctly already.Turns out the file I was trying to validate didn't have an 'xml' file extension.Add one xsd:import line for each of the XSDs that are not "reachable" through all the other XSDs, or that your tool seems to complain about as non-reachable.I want to point out there is another method to achieve this.

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However, it seems that Notepad will only check the last declared schema file in the schema Location attribute.

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