Traditional beliefs on dating in mexico

Cinco de Mayo, which is commonly thought of in the US as Mexican independence day, happened in 1862 and celebrates the victory of the Mexican army over the occupational French forces.

The victorious General, Ignacio Zaragoza was born in Texas, and due to his joint heritage, this holiday is celebrated in both countries.

In 1845, Texas was taken into the US, leading to the Mexican-American war.

This ended with the treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo in 1848 and resulted in the loss of Texas and part of California to the US.

Mexican independence occurred September 16, 1810 and was sparked by the Napoleonic threat to acquire what was then "New Spain".

Afraid of losing their emerging culture, the "criollos" (descendants of the Spaniards born in Mexico) and the "mestizos" (descendants of the Spanish and Indian intermarriages) united in a movement known as "Los Insurgentes" which eventually overthrew Spain.

Colonization led to both the acquisition of Spanish culture and the loss of great part of the Aztec culture, with the present day culture being a melange of the two.

For instance, a doctor who greets his patient Julio Perez by saying "Hello Julio" may be using the greeting to confirm that the patient is indeed Perez who are two of the doctor's other patients.

It may seem appropriate to use only the patient's first name in order to confirm identity.

The goal of this tool is to provide a jumping-off point for developing rapport in the interpreted health encounter. | View Spanish videos Studies indicate that Hispanics expect a caregiver to show warmth to a patient and family members and should not be strictly business (Zouchay).

A physician should be attentive, take their time, show respect, and if possible communicate in Spanish.

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