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Let’s call this file – Add a target to the build file that will change version number MSBuild Extension has a special set of targets to manipulate with assemblies info – Assembly Info.

Here is a target that will set Assembly Version and Assembly File Version according to the four-numbers pattern: ... – Run this target before sources are compiled Here is an example file that has 4 basic steps: clean solution, restore packages, then do versioning, and at last build application step.

The difference between Assembly Version and Assembly File Version is described in this article “How to use Assembly Version and Assembly File Version“.

At least Assembly Version number must be used for versioning.

Finally once we have updated the line in the array we re-write the information back to the file and go about our merry way.

Content of such files is used to create version information that .

Script is compatible with both MSBuild and xbuild and can be build on Windows and Linux using both . Read more about restoring packages and other build steps in my post about building and testing.

msbuild d:\projects\C#\Mono\Versioning\j Microsoft (R) Build Engine version 4.0.30319.18408 [Microsoft . Project "d:\projects\C#\Mono\Versioning\Build.proj" on node 1 (default targets). rd /s /q "Versioning/bin" Removing directory "Versioning/obj".

To set the version numbers we can use MSBuild Extension Pack.

– Install MSBuild Extension pack Nu Get package to the solution – Add project build file to the solution If there is no MSBuild project file there yet add it.

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Version numbers in Assembly file must be set before the assembly is build by continues integration system.

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