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The Data Context name corresponds to the name that you provided for the file Step 1: Right-click on the Models folder in the Solution Explorer then go to "Add" and click on "Class."Step 2: Choose "LINQ to SQL Classes" from the list and provide the name "User" for the dbml name. Step 3: Drag the User table from the database in the Server Explorer and drop onto the O/R Designer surface of the "User.dbml" file.

The Get action fills in user details on the form by the id of the user then the Post action is performed on it.

That way, you can implement the repository using various data access technologies in the future.

So first of all you need to create an interface "IUser Repository" under the Models folder that contains basic CRUD operations access methods for user.

Create Table We create a table in a database for the user to store user information.

The user table creation code is as in the following: "Project...". NET MVC 4 Web Application" from the list, then provide the application name " User Registration" and set the path in the location input where you want to create the application.

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This article introduces basic Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) operations using LINQ to SQL in MVC.

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