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If you've created Dream Press correctly, the hostname will show under your Dream Press server.

The Dream Press servername starts with 'dp' and a long series of letters and numbers.

As stated above, it can take 4-6 hours for the DNS to update at Dream Host.

Few of the blog readers asked me on few occasions if they can change the AD domain name to the different domain name.

Answer is yes you can, but you need to aware of the issues it can occur as well.

Otherwise you will be end up in a mess with non-functioning infrastructure.

It will reboot all domain controllers automatically.

All workstations and servers will needs to reboot twice to apply changes.

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This example shows a Shared My SQL server named 'bowl' on which the hostname already exists: If you are moving Dream Press to a new domain called example.com, search for mysql. If it exists and you do not remove it, your panel will not be able to update your database with the correct hostname.

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