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Then enter the following command: The output prints your current kernel version, nothing less, nothing more.Now that we know our kernel version, we are in a better position to decide which version we would like to update it to.Install the rpi-update package first and then update the kernel: Open Elec uses a very special file system layout and kernel. Wait for the Open Elec release with integrated Hi Fi Berry support. If you have any valuable data on your system, back it up before doing this!On many other distributions, rpi-update will also work. Update the repositories If you’re not using a Debian-based distribution, apt-get might not work.Select the kernel version you want to upgrade to from the list and then click the install button.The following authentication dialog will appear for you to provide your authentication details.Check the documentation of your distribution how to install git. The Linux kernel on Ubuntu is the core of the operating system.

Click OK after reading the way out if you face any such problem.

Please follow these steps in order to update your Linux kernel on Ubuntu: Before taking off to a new version, let us first see which kernel version we currently have running on our Ubuntu.

Open your Ubuntu command line, the Terminal, either through the system Application Launcher search or the Ctrl Alt T shortcut.

Our Hi Fi Berry Digi and DAC boards are supported in the current Raspberry Pi Linux kernel. We can’t guarantee that every board will work with every kernel.

However, most distributions do not use the latest kernel, but older versions. However, if we know about issue, we will work together with the Raspberry Pi kernel development team to fix these.

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