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The Tags remain as 'ID3 v2.2' - which Audition says is 'unsupported' - asking me to convert that to v2.3 or 2.4 '...prevent losing metadata'. Ok - thanks anyway - but let me rephrase the question before you leave this.When I run the update script as described above, many current Tags listing as ID3 v2.2 remain with that Tag.Save it with a name such as "Refresh ID3 Tags.scpt" (the part is needed).The location that you save it needs to be ~/Library/i Tunes/Scripts (where ~ is your user directory.) Note that if your Library folder is not visible, select the "Go" menu from the Finder menu bar, then while the drop down menu is visible, press and hold the Option (alt) key which will reveal the hidden "Library" option).OK (apologies, have been away for the weekend) - have found the scripts icon - thanks.I had stupidly failed to locate the script editor file correctly. Unfortunately, however, when I now select a track in i Tunes and then select the Refresh ID3 Tags it doesn't seem to be doing anything (I cut and pasted the suggested text into the Script editor as advised - have double-checked).

I'd practice this on a small batch of files (5 or so) before you attempt this on your entire library just so you don't make any mistakes.Your scripts idea sounds great but (and I feel stupid here) you say 'Select the tracks you wish to rescan.(If all of them, do Command A to select all.) Just to the left of the Help menu at the top, you will see a little scroll icon'. Where exactly should I be looking on the i Tunes pane?I did it to ensure changes I made to tags in i Tunes were reflected in Serato when I looked at the tracks there. ** WORKAROUND TO GET XBOX MUSIC TO UPDATE THE TAGS ** 1) Make all the desired changes using tag editor 2) Open files , move all your songs into a new folder (say "all").

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