Validating a power of attorney

Section 85 of the Indian Evidence Act applies to the documents authenticated by a notary.A court will presume that every document purporting to be a power of attorney, that has been executed before and authenticated by a notary public or any court, is properly executed and is a conclusive proof.

Your solicitor in Spain should help you make the decision about the extent of the power necessary for the transaction you wish to make.

In case it is in favour of a family member for sale of a property in Karnataka, the stamp duty applicable is Rs 100.

If it is in favour of some other person, the stamp duty applicable is as on the sale deed - on the market value of the property plus one percent registration charges.

You may designate the Power of Attorney as "general," granting broad powers to control your financial, health, legal, and other matters, or "special," granting power for only specific situations.

The Arizona Power of Attorney is specific to the laws of the state of Arizona and should be created by residents of Arizona and signed in front of a Arizona notary public.

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Once the particular act is completed, the special power of attorney naturally gets revoked or the power of the holder gets exhausted.

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