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At time of writing Safari does not enforce input fields.

If you're using Safari or another unsupporting browsers all the examples will just display the Java Script alert box.

If not, an alert is displayed and focus is moved to the checkbox.

Just you have to track the id or name of the checkboxes. For statically you can use hard coded id of the checkboxes and for dynamically you can use the name of the field as an array and create a loop.

Hi, I am creating a table in JSP which contains records which are dynamically displayed and which also contains Checkbox.

I am updating the database depending upon the selection of the checkboxes.

The functionality is working fine but I am unable to throw a validation message in case the user does not select any of the checkboxes.

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Here you can see screen captures from Firefox and Chrome: Text alert messages are generated entirely by the browser and will even translate automatically into different languages - something that would be almost impossible using just Java Script.

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